Hacking is a parallel industry to gaming

Designing computer game is not an easy job at all. It requires a lot of permutations and combinations be looked into. A lot of effort goes into designing one computer game. As computer game shave gained in popularity this industry has developed like anything. More and more people have ventured into this field of designing computer games which enables a game enthusiast to match his skill of wits with one another. Many computer games nowadays can be played in the online mode too. It is pre programmed in such a way that once you achieve a certain level of proficiency by completing a fixed number of missions you get upgraded to the next status. This takes a lot of time, energy and effort on the part of the player. One such game is the one piece treasure cruise. In this game by completing certain tasks you are entitled to receive credits such as gems and gold. By trading in these gold and gems you can accomplish other tasks.


These gems and gold can also be bought online by paying real money. There are websites which deal with this type of virtual currency. However any game has its own version of cheats and hacks. This one is no different from the scores of others that we see in the market today. There is an absolute parallel industry at work here. Once the game is invented, these people who can be called as hackers somehow manage to procure the source code of the original program and manage to infiltrate into the system to manufacture cheat codes which can then be superimposed upon the main program. How they manage to do it is a mystery. But they have managed to do it and as a result the one piece treasure cruise hack has been invented.