A fictitious anecdote about slimming

Consider this scene form the early part of the twentieth century. Imagine yourself walking through a remote part in the Indian subcontinent. You have been walking for days together without sighting any habitation. You have not had any food for days together. But you realize that instead of feeling famished, you feel invigorated as well as slimmer than ever. Is it a wonder? Actually No, since you seem to be chewing on a piece of a plant which has the look of a cactus. It is in fact a plant species belonging to the cactus family and the scientific name of that plant being Caralluma Fimbriata. This wonder plant has for ages been used as a physical endurance enhancer. This is also used to burn fat and reduce weight. In fact this succulent plant has been used for centuries to help families survive famine, food shortage and long hunting expeditions.


Coming back to the above scenario, you are invited to the present. You find that your great grand children are using the extracts of the same plant which you used to chew in your hey days to remain fit. They have realized the importance and usefulness of this plant extract and have prepared a patented health supplement to treat the most common malaise today, i.e. obesity. Medical research has proved that caralluma fimbriata has the capacity to reduce your appetite and result in burning of excess fat. This medicine has a unique method of functioning. It fools the brain into thinking that one has had his fill and suppresses the appetite. Less food means the body has to dig into its fat reserves to supply the requisite energy. Regular usage of this supplement results in melting of all the excess fat leaving behind beautifully toned muscles and a healthy body.