Today man is a slave to technology and not the other way round


The Industrial revolution had seen the advent of machines in the world and today machines have overtaken even humans in many aspects. Instead of machines becoming a slave to humans, it is the vice versa which holds true in today’s fast paced world. With machines came vehicles and today the sheer volume of vehicles on the road in any developed city would most likely send the jitters down somebody’s stomach. The volume of traffic on the roads has necessitated traffic control measures to be adopted by each administration. One can expect huge traffic in capital cities of the states in a country like say Australia. But if one goes by the volume of traffic in a non capital city, Gold Coast in Queensland is the most populous. One cannot expect the same measures of traffic control which one witnesses in big cities in a small city like Gold Coast.

The Government of Queensland is the body which undertakes Gold Coast Traffic Control measures and it must be said that they have done a fantastic job as far as traffic control is concerned. Traffic control has various aspects to be considered. They include traffic management, installation of safety signs, and maintenance of safety equipment, first aid requirements and most importantly security. The success of traffic control can be measured by the number of traffic related accidents in a day. Effective traffic control not only reduces the threat of accidents but also saves time and money for the ordinary public as well as for the nation as a whole. An important aspect of traffic control is the ease with which one can traverse from one travel mode to another. This requires interlinking and synchronization of the buses and trains so that commuters will have less of a hassle and save time in the bargain.