Video chatting is the thing these days

Video chatting is a form of communication with others over the video connection. In this form of communication, the parties are able to see each other via video link provided. It can just involve two people or it can be a conference where a meeting is held of many people. The video links are connected on desk top computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. These gadgets have cameras that are inbuilt within themselves. One must be careful while video chat with strangers.



One is advised to install the skype application on their gadgets. Once this has been done, you have the ability to initiate a video call from your laptop, smart phone or tablet. You can only initiate a video call with the contacts that you have saved in your contact list. On these social groups like Facebook and twitter people have strangers also in their contact lists. Individuals’have people that they don’t know as their friends.

When you initiate a conversation with such a stranger, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself. After the introduction, the other party out of courtesy should also introduce themselves. This leads to the two familiarizing themselves to each other. Then one goes to the subject matter of the made call. During such a conversation one person should only talk after the other has finished talking otherwise they may end up not understanding each other. One sentence should be fully completed before the other party can respond or talk back.

Video conferencing

In video conferencing, the process of communication is between more than two people. Most of the times it can host six people at a given time. This can be used to hold a meeting with various people with the same interest. For example a business meeting of top officials in the oil industry who are in different locations and cannot get time to assemble in a particular destination for the meeting. Video conferencing saves on time and resources. Travelling time is totally removed and conference expenses like booking rooms and refreshments are also minimized if not totally avoided.