Why Use a Three Pin Plug for Your Household Requirements

To understand the answer to this question, we must first understand the relevance of earthing. Electricity is nothing but a flow of charged particles known as electrons. These electrons move at very high speeds within the conductors and therefore they carry high energies. Moreover, many parts of the electrical appliances may also be good conductors of electricity. So if there is an excess flow of electrons, it could pass into these conducting parts of the electrical appliances as well. We need to prevent that at any cost, because if anyone happens to inadvertently touch these parts of the electrical appliances, they are likely to get an electrical shock.

The earth pin prevents that. In most sockets, it is the third pin apart from the live pin and the neutral pin. The basic electrical circuit flows through the live and the neutral wires and they complete the circuit needed for the electricity to flow.

However, the earth pin ensures that any extra current that might be entering into the appliance is carried to the ground. The earth pin connects the appliance to a wire that is buried under the ground. Any extra electrons are directly carried to this underground base plate where the electrons are neutralized.

This makes using heavy duty appliances such as refrigerators, air conditions, washing machines, high power televisions, etc. a safe process. Without the earth pin, the likelihood of getting an electrical shock when handling these devices increases.

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